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    Logistics and Multi-modal Transport

    Logistics is the management of a flow of goods from the point of origin to the point of delivery in order to meet certain requirements. This book covers all aspects of shipping logistics from factory to customer and all stops in between.

    Maritime Supply Chains

    Maritime Supply Chains breaks the maritime chain into components, consistently relating them to the overall integrated supply chain. The book not only analyzes and provides solutions to frequently encountered problems and key operational issues, it also applies cutting-edge scientific techniques on the maritime supply chain. Sections consider shipping, ports and terminals, hinterland and the issues that intersect different parts of the chain. Readers will find discussions of the various actors at play and how they relate to the overall function of the supply chain. Finally, the book offers solutions to the most pressing problems, thus providing a unique, well-balanced account.

    Shipping Operations Management

    It explores issues of organization, technical management, crewing and behavioral issues, chartering and post fixture, risk management, finance, legal aspects of international conventions and regulations, attainment of safety, security and marine insurance, as well as ocean governance and sustainability. As such, the book offers a vital reference guide for maritime companies and organizations, while also serving as a teaching supplement in academic and professional maritime programmes.

    Global Contract Logistics

    Best Practice Toolkit for Planning, Negotiating and Managing a Contract. Tackles the growing complexity of contracting logistics in a technologically accelerating world.

    Maritime Transport: Shipping Logistics and Operations

    Maritime transport is the transport of people or goods by water. It is the backbone of world trade and globalization. Twenty-four hours a day and all year round, ships carry cargoes to all corners of the globe. Maritime Transport focuses on the operational side of this important industry, covering many topics such as sea traffic currents, passenger transport, short sea shipping and dangerous cargoes.

    Container Logistics : The Role of the Container in the Supply Chain

    Understand the role of the container in the supply chain, and the systems and methods needed to ensure the efficient movement of goods.