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    LNG Shipping Knowledge, 3rd Edition

    This publication details the underpinning knowledge required for ship’s officers serving on LNG carriers, as set out in SIGTTO’s ‘LNG Shipping Competency Standards’.

    LNG Bunkering Guidelines (IACS Rec 142)

    These guidelines provide recommendations for the responsibilities, procedures and equipment required for LNG bunkering operations and sets harmonised minimum baseline recommendations for bunkering risk assessment, equipment and operations.

    LNG Operational Practice, 2nd Edition

    This second edition is updated for 2020 to reflect the substantial changes and new designs in the technical and operational aspects of LNG shipping and the transportation of LNG by sea, since this book was first Published: in 2006. It is prepared as a practical handbook for the operation of LNG carriers.

    Ship to Ship Transfer Guide

    Ship to Ship Transfer Guide for Petroleum, Chemicals and Liquefied Gases. The Guide is aimed at providing advice for Masters, Marine Superintendents and others, such as STS service providers and transfer organisers, who may be involved in the planning and execution of STS operations.

    Liquefied Gas Carriers: Your Personal Safety Guide, 2nd Edition

    This book provides important safety advice that should be followed while serving on board liquefied gas carriers. It describes the hazards that are associated with liquefied gas products and addresses the essential items that are required to protect you, the environment, your colleagues and the cargo that is being carried.

    Guidance for LNG Carriers Transiting the Panama Canal

    With the completion of the Panama Canal (third set of locks) expansion project in June 2016, the majority of LNG carriers are now able to transit the Canal. This Guide provides practical guidance on the ACP requirements, including pre-arrival procedures, security, navigation, pilotage, mooring, tugs, LNG cargo carriage, vapour management, propulsion systems, bridge visibility and contingency planning.