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    LNG Bunkering Guidelines (IACS Rec 142)

    These guidelines provide recommendations for the responsibilities, procedures and equipment required for LNG bunkering operations and sets harmonised minimum baseline recommendations for bunkering risk assessment, equipment and operations.

    Bunker Claims Management

    Reviews the major categories of claims and analyses the bunker contract, terms and conditions and respective counterparty positions. He then guides the reader through the key steps in managing a claim, from evidence-gathering, to mitigation, through to resolution. He also gives practical advice for fuel buyers and sellers in the event that a claim goes wrong.

    Bunkers: An Introduction to Managing Commercial Risk

    Bunkers: An Introduction to Managing Commercial Risk offers the reader far more than a simple explanation of price risk management and the hedging tools and methods available today. It also provides a wide-ranging examination of the many forms of commercial risk that affect bunker suppliers and traders, just as much as they affect ship operators and charterers, including credit, counterparty, political, currency, insurance and even business continuity risk.

    An Introduction to Marine Lubricants

    An Introduction to Marine Lubricants has been written by industry expert Nigel Draffin to shed light on marine lubricants and greases, a sector of the maritime industry that may be well understood by petroleum engineers and other specialists but for many remains highly complex and poorly-understood.

    An Introduction to Marine Fuel Analysis

    This book is intended to provide a guide and reference for those who, whilst not specialists in the technical aspects of marine fuels, need to understand the terminology and the reporting used in fuel analysis as part of their work.

    Bunkers, 4th Edition

    An Analysis of the Technical and Environmental Issues