The Law of Ship Mortgages, 2nd Edition

Thought to be the most comprehensive guide to English law relating to ship mortgages, the second edition of The Law of Ship Mortgages has been highly anticipated. This fully-updated and complete explanation provides practitioners with a practical, commercially-based, and definitive guide to the English law of ship mortgages as well as important related areas such as conflict of laws and insolvency.

ISBN 9781138781498

Published September 2016


The authors, being seasoned practitioners themselves, bring their practical experience to bear on a number of difficult and developing areas of the law, such as: mortgagees’ duties, liability to charterers, conflicts of laws, work-outs and cross border insolvency.

New to this edition:

  • In-depth analysis of noteworthy cases such as The WD Fairway litigation, PK Airfinance v Alpstream, and Tropical Reefer and Anton Durbeck v DNB


  • Enhanced coverage of issues such as security interests in ships, priority, and third party involvement


  • Completely revised and reordered content, to better reflect practitioner needs


Written with practitioners in mind, this new edition will be extremely useful to legal professionals working in any jurisdiction that is involved in international ship finance, as well as post-graduate students and academics.


Table of Contents

1. Historical Introduction

2. Ownership and Registration

3. Security Interests in Ships

4.The Conflict of Laws

5. Execution, Secured Obligations and Property Covered

6. Registration of Mortgages

7. Priority

8. Mortgagor's Obligations and Undertakings

9. Amendment, Transfer and Discharge

10. Liens

11. Default and Self-Help Enforcement Powers

12. The Courts' Protection of the Mortgagor

13. Liabilities of the Mortgagee to Third Parties

14. Enforcement by Arrest by Court Sale

15. Insolvency

16. Insurance

17: Security over Earnings and Charterparties

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