GCSE Maths (Higher and Foundation): Deposit Payment

ACADEMIC YEAR 2017/18 See full price list below. Deposit payment only, full balance to be paid upon enrolment.



*IGCSE also available

Minimum Pre-requisites: Functional Skills Level 1, GCSE Grade D-G in Maths & English



There are two levels that you can chose to take - Foundation and Higher. Higher tier exams are for students aiming for grades 4-9 (9 is the top grade); Foundation tier is for grades 1-5 – you can decide which exam to go for nearer the time with the advice of your tutor.


We also offer an IGCSE Maths course, which covers slightly different topics. You may want to compare the topics covered before deciding. Both courses will prepare you for further maths studies.


The new syllabus will contain an emphasis on problem solving which means you will see questions in a ‘real world’ context. You will study a range of topics including number, trigonometry and probability.


You will need a ruler with metric markings, a protractor and a pair of compasses. You will also need graphic paper for graphs and an electronic calculator.




Example Topics:




Basic Algebra

Basic Trigonometry and vectors

Geometry (basic and further)

Probability and statistics

Higher topics:

Further numbers and equations

Higher algebra topics

Further geometry and trigonometry

Further probability and statistics


Serving RN/RM personnel FULL PRICE: £329.55
RN/RM Spouse FULL PRICE: £214.78
Serving RFA personnel FULL PRICE: £214.78
Serving MN personnel FULL PRICE: £429.55