AS Level Business: Deposit Payment

ACADEMIC YEAR 2017/18 See full price list below. Deposit payment only, full balance to be paid upon enrolment.


Exam Board:  AQA
Specification:  7131
Exams available:  Summer
Average completion time: 1 year
Average hours of study: 10 hours per week (35 weeks x 10 = 350 hours)
Number of assignments: 7
Minimum Pre-requisites: 5 GCSE (or equivalent) Grades A-C including English and Maths


AS Level does not lead to A Level - see A Level details for full course

This is a new AS level course, which will give learners a thorough grounding in the skills required for today’s rapidly changing business world. Learners will gain skills in all aspects of running a business and will develop key business skills, which will help them both continue on to university and improve their employability. 

Learners will learn to:

Analyse data
Think critically about issues
Develop effective business decision making skills

Example Topics:

What is business?

Managers, leadership and decision making

Decision making to improve marketing performance

Decision making to improve operational performance

Decision making to improve financial performance

Decision making to improve human resource performance



Serving RN/RM personnel FULL PRICE: £233.70
RN/RM Spouse FULL PRICE: £166.85
Serving RFA personnel FULL PRICE: £166.85
Serving MN personnel FULL PRICE: £333.70