A Level Economics: Deposit Payment

ACADEMIC YEAR 2017/18 See full price list below. Deposit payment only, full balance to be paid upon enrolment.


Exam Board:  AQA
Specification:  7136
Exams available:  Summer
Average completion time: 2 years
Average hours of study:  10 hours per week (70 weeks x 10 = 700 hours)
Number of assignments:  13
Minimum Pre-requisites: 5 GCSE (or equivalent) Grades A-C including Maths and English


A Level Economics has considerable relevance to current controversy. Your studies will cover the basic theory required for examinations with up to date data required to relate your theory to real life. You will also be encouraged to understand the interrelationship between microeconomics and macroeconomics. You can learn to apply economics theory to support analysis for current economic issues.


This course is split into two parts – the first covers AS level and the second completes the A level.


Example Topics:

The operation of markets and market failure

The national economy in a global context

Individuals, firms, markets and market failure

The national and international economy


Serving RN/RM personnel FULL PRICE: £384.20
RN/RM Spouse FULL PRICE: £267.10
Serving RFA personnel FULL PRICE: £267.10
Serving MN personnel FULL PRICE: £534.20