A Level Biology: Deposit Payment

ACADEMIC YEAR 2017/18 See full price list below. Deposit payment only, full balance to be paid upon enrolment.


Exam Board:  Edexcel
Specification:  9BIO
Exams available:  Summer
Average completion time: 2 years
Average hours of study:  10 hours per week (70 weeks x 10 = 700 hours)
Number of assignments:  19
Minimum Pre-requisites: 5 GCSE (or equivalent) Grades A-C including Maths and English, I/GCSE Biology Grade C or above


Biology is the study of life: its cells, molecular basis, history and ecosystems it inhabits. It examines animals, plants, bacteria and viruses, genetics and the application of this knowledge to medicine, agriculture and industry. It can prepare you for further study in nursing, sport and forensic sciences, for example.

This course assumes that you have obtained at least a grade C in Biology so you may wish to check your prior knowledge before undertaking this course. It also includes some mathematics in a biological context, which are covered in the accompanying text book.

N.B. This course does not include the practical assessment

Example Topics:

Molecules, cells and reproduction

Exchange, transport and diversity

Energy, pathogens and genetics

Variation, control and ecosystems



Serving RN/RM personnel FULL PRICE: £414.90
RN/RM Spouse FULL PRICE: £282.45
Serving RFA personnel FULL PRICE: £282.45
Serving MN personnel FULL PRICE: £564.90