Shipmasters Security Manual 2019

The BIMCO Shipmaster’s Security Manual is dedicated to helping members protect their crews, ships, operations and ultimately their businesses, against the challenges posed by pirates, cyber criminals, drug smugglers, stowaways, terrorists and migrants, and to provide guidance on the comprehensive regulatory framework that exists in the security field.

Published February 2019

ISBN 9788790342661


The Shipmaster’s Security Manual aims to clarify the existing framework of guidelines and point out areas where a Ship Master’s attention is particularly required to mitigate risks to the ship, its crew or its successful operations. Preventive measures against these risks are not however restricted to actions to be taken by the ship’s officers and crew. Ship owners and operators can actively motivate their seafarers to mitigate risks through the adaption of company policies and training within each of the specific areas.




Global Counter Piracy Guidance

Protection against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

Use of armed guards


Rules for the use of force

Construction and use of citadels

IMB piracy reporting

Humanitarian support to seafarers


Cyber Security

Guidelines on cyber security

Cyber security on board ships poster



Guidelines for prevention of drug smuggling



Guidance on control and compliance measures to enhance maritime security

ISPS clause



Stowaway prevention

Allocation of responsibilities in stowaway cases

Stowaway clause


Migration by sea

Guidelines on migrant rescue

Principles and practises for managing migrants and refugees


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