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Meteorology for Seafarers

Picture of Meteorology for Seafarers
Commander C. R. Burgess, former Meteorological Officer in the UK Meteorological Office, Bracknell and in the Royal Navy, completed Meteorology For Seamen in 1950 soon after he joined the Marine Society as Secretary. His book has been a standard work for 30 years, combining the factual presentation of the subject with the then popular question and answer format. A further revision became necessary soon after his death in 1982, and the present authors - Lieutenant-Commander Richard Frampton & Patt Uttridge - with some trepidation accepted the task.

£60.00 (GBP) incl VAT

The Boatswain's Manual

Picture of The Boatswain's Manual
This latest edition has been revised by Captain Cormac MacSweeney. Captain MacSweeney was very keen to keep close to the original style of William A.McLeod’s The Boatswain’s Manual when first published, and later maintained in the revisions of Captain A.G.W.Miller.

£40.00 (GBP) incl VAT

Marine Surveying and Consultancy

Picture of Marine Surveying and Consultancy
Marine Surveying and Consultancy: An Introduction provides a highly useful and well-structured overview of the career path, scope of work and responsibilities which lie ahead for those who wish to enter the marine surveying profession.

£75.00 (GBP) incl VAT

Edexcel International GCSE Economics Student Book

Picture of Edexcel International GCSE Economics Student Book
This book provides complete coverage of the 2009 specification. Its attractive, full colour design, engaging features and text extracts make it accessible for every student.

£23.70 (GBP) incl VAT

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