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A Gross of Pirates

From Alfhild the Shield Maiden to Afweyne the Big Mouth. A carefully-researched history o...

A History of The Royal Navy: Women and the Royal Navy

As nurses, `Jenny Wrens', and above all as wives and mothers, women have quietly kept the ...

A Marine Artist’s Portfolio: The Nautical Paintings of Susanne Fournais

A contemporary artist producing paintings that show modern ships and this nicely produced ...

A Photographic History of the Orient Line

Classy company history provides a model for others. By Frame, Cross, Henderson & Cremer

All in the Same Boat

The untold story of the British ferry crew who helped win the Falklands War by Warren Fitz...

Atlantic Container Line 1967 - 2017, A 50 Year Journey of Innovative Excellence

Atlantic Container Line was a pioneer in the cargo revolution of the 1960s and this book c...