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Liquefied Gas Handling Principles on Ships and in Terminals, (LGHP4) 4th Edition

This fully illustrated 500-page reference book covers every aspect of the safe handling of...

Bulk Carriers: Handle with Care, 2nd Edition

Bulk carriers must be handled with care in port as well as at sea. Stevedores and ships' o...

Ship Vetting and its Application to LNG, 2nd Edition

This revised edition of SIGTTO’s book describes the importance of the vetting of LNG ships...

LNG Shipping Knowledge, 3rd Edition

This publication details the underpinning knowledge required for ship’s officers serving o...

Guidance Manual for Tanker Structures 2020 Consolidated Edition

This collates the information required for the assessment of ballast and cargo tank struct...

LNG Operational Practice, 2nd Edition

This second edition is updated for 2020 to reflect the substantial changes and new designs...