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IA810E 2009 MODU Code, 2020 Edition

Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, MODU Code, 2020...

Engine Room Procedures Guide

The new Engine Room Procedures Guide from the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) prov...

Britain’s Last Invasion

The Battle of Fishguard 1797

From Hunter to Hunted

From Hunter to Hunted : The U-Boat in the Atlantic, 1939-1943

No Earthly Pole

The title have been rescheduled by the publisher and will now be available in September 20...

Paperback Library

Marine Society’s Paperback Library provides non-returnable paperbacks which will ensure th...

Digital Library

Marine Society’s Digital Library app is a unique way to provide seafarers with books eithe...

ID650E Procedures for port State control 2019, 2020 Edition

This publication provides guidance to port State control officers (PSCOs) on the conduct o...

Passage Planning Guide - Panama Canal and Approaches, PPG - Panama, 2020 Edition

This brand new passage planning guide is an expert resource for navigating the Panama Cana...

From Oceans to Embassies : A Personal Memoir by Gillian Angrave

Youngsters in the market for a little career inspiration should look no further than From ...

A Wife on the Ocean Wave

Nautilus Telegraph's Book of the Month for June 2020. A Wife on the Ocean Wave is a memoir...

S520E MARPOL on the Web

This yearly online subscription service provides access to the MARPOL on the Web. A single...