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    The Shiphandler's Guide

    for Masters and Navigating Officers, Pilots and Tug Masters

    Ship Navigation, 1st Edition

    Ship Navigation demonstrates the art and science of navigating a ship from departure to destination without hitting the shore or shoals. There are essential decisions which need to be made every day in navigational work and the book provides guidance on how to make the right choices.

    Brown's Compact Nautical Almanac 2022

    Contains less information than the standard Brown's Nautical Almanac.

    True Rhumbline Distance (WGS-84) Calculations

    Author: Captain Dr. Ivica Tijardovic

    Reeds Marine Distance Tables 17th Edition

    Reeds Marine Distance Tables are the perfect ready-reckoner for captains, navigators and owners of merchant and cruise ships large and small wanting a quick and accurate distance reference between all the regularly used commercial ports around the world. They are also of increasing value to the superyacht fleet.

    The Practical Guide to Celestial Navigation

    The Practical Guide to Celestial Navigation: Step-by-step instructions for when you've lost the plot

    Dynamic Positioning for Engineers

    Dynamic Positioning for Engineers enables the reader to acquire the basic knowledge of the concepts and understanding of the dynamic positioning (DP) system from the systems perspective.

    Advances in Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation

    Print on Demand - 2-4 weeks delivery time.

    Unmanned and Autonomous Ships: An Overview of MASS

    Print on Demand - 2-4 weeks delivery time.

    Radar and AIS for Watchkeeping Officers

    This book starts with a basic description of the workings of modern radars with a level of technological detail sufficient for deck officers of all grades. While the technology is changing rapidly the book, while briefly referring to the history of the development of radar, concentrates on the equipment to be found in a modern bridge suite. This includes the setting up, adjustments and controls of the radar receiver and also the plotting computer (ARPA).

    Dynamic Positioning - CPD

    Dynamic Positioning - Continuous Professional Development - To Assist DPOs, Tech DP Personnel and DP Companies to Implement CPD


    A Primer for Deck Officers and Officer of the Watch Exams


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