CD - Macneil's Seamanship Examiner (MSE) - OOW Version 6

Preparing for your certificate of competency examinations? This covers all you need to know for the practical aspects of Seamanship and Rules of the Road/Colregs/IRPCS.

Now in its 6th version, Macneil’s Seamanship Examiner OOW has had a thorough content and technical update. With improved visuals and amended structure, it provides an invaluable study and reference package for deck cadets and trainees studying towards their OOW operational level examinations.

Extensive question and answer coverage is provided for the collision regulations, bridge procedures, buoyage, safety, cargo, security and many of the legal aspects that deck officers may be examined upon.

Training and intense revision is provided on screen from a database of over 1500 questions and is supported by a reference database of useful information covering the Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen, Ship Captain’s Medical Guide and many other aspects of navigation, legislation, cargo work and seamanship.