D311E Marine A&I Investigation on CD

Version 1 2005

Author: IMO
ISBN: 9280170163

Version 1 2005

This self-paced, self-contained e-learning course deals with marine accident and incident investigations. It is designed to provide a new marine accident investigator with the fundamental knowledge and understanding of an investigator’s role and responsibilities, and of the use and applicability of IMO and other international legislation and instruments. In particular, it draws upon IMO resolutions A.849(20) and A.884(21) (Code for the Investigation of Marine Casualties and Incidents) and IMO model course 3.11 (Marine Accident and Incident Investigation)

Main features of the learning platform:

• A structured, easy-to-use, HTML-based platform

• Interactive lessons in embedded tutor mode

• Embedded reviews of user learning outcomes

• Case studies from marine accident reports

• Self-assessment quizzes for direct feedback

• Direct access to all relevant IMO and other international legislation, codes and instruments on the CD

• Search and personal progress monitor functions

• How-to-use guidelines for self-paced study

• Links to appropriate internet sites

Publication date: 24 Sep 2010