The Nautical Institute is the international representative body for maritime professionals involved in the control of sea-going ships. It provides a wide range of services to enhance the professional standing and knowledge of its members who are drawn from all sectors of the maritime world.

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A Simulation Instructor's Handbook

Picture of A Simulation Instructor's Handbook
A useful resource for instructors who design and implement simulation training.

£25.00 (GBP) incl VAT

Bridge Team Management

Picture of Bridge Team Management
The second edition of the Nautical Institute's practical guide to bridge operations.

£55.00 (GBP) incl VAT

Bridge Watchkeeping

Picture of Bridge Watchkeeping
Second edition of this popular training aid for bridge watchkeepers.

£55.00 (GBP) incl VAT

Casualty Management Guidelines

Picture of Casualty Management Guidelines
Comprehensive practical guidelines to help seafarers during a casualty.

£35.00 (GBP) incl VAT

DP Operator's Handbook

Picture of DP Operator's Handbook
A Practical Guide

£50.00 (GBP) incl VAT

ECDIS and Positioning

Picture of ECDIS and Positioning
An important new book from the Nautical Institute covering all aspects of the use of electronic charts.

£55.00 (GBP) incl VAT

From Paper Charts to ECDIS

Picture of From Paper Charts to ECDIS
Provides useful guidance on the transition from paper to electronic charts.

£35.00 (GBP) incl VAT

Human Performance and Limitation for Mariners

Picture of Human Performance and Limitation for Mariners
This new books gives guidance on human performance management for seafarers.

£50.00 (GBP) incl VAT

Mariner's Guide to Marine Communications

Picture of Mariner's Guide to Marine Communications
The Nautical Institute guide aimed at watchkeeping officers and those aspiring to their GMDSS ceritificates.

£55.00 (GBP) incl VAT

Maritime Security

Picture of Maritime Security
A new book from the Nautical Institute designed to give advice and guidance on how to make a vessel secure.

£55.00 (GBP) incl VAT

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