Brush up your maths

Maths@Sea is an e-learning course in Maths for nautical students and those about to begin a course at nautical college.

There is also a testing module, which can be taken in conjunction with the course or as an independent self-assessment.

Key features of the programme are that it has been written by professionals in nautical education and the entire programme is marine themed - it uses relevant, nautically flavoured examples and language.

As well as functional maths, it also covers elementary aspects of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry: essential skill sets at nautical college, but often no longer covered as part of the school curriculum.

The award-winning course intuitively leads students to apply basic yet key maths concepts without them realising they are doing so.

It's an ideal prep for nautical college or can be used as a revision aid for students whose studies have started.

One month of access to Maths@Sea is just £1.99! Click here to purchase.



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