An Introduction to Ship Automation and Control Systems

This book is addressed to marine engineers, students, and all those who wish to deepen their knowledge of a subject that is not only a technology but also a culture.

‘Building the vessel around automation . . .’

Automation has played an enormous role onboard vessels and will continue to do so because of the never ending demand for operational flexibility, increased safety and reduced environmental impact.

Until recently, automation was considered simply as the tool necessary to get unmanned machinery space certification. Today, the situation has changed drastically and a new design concept has been introduced that can be summarised as ‘building the vessel around automation, and not vice versa’. This has been a step change and a new cultural approach more focused on the interaction between operators and control systems.

This book explains the progress of automation from the early period until today, the technology developments and the design and engineering of the system, including the approval aspects by classification societies. Other chapters are dedicated to the main components of automation from field equipment to computers and networks, the testing and operation procedures, some advanced applications of control systems, and the book ends with future views of the directions of integrated automation and controls.


ISBN 9780956560025

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